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At Bridgeway Realty we believe in helping our Agents to Grow a Sustainable and Profitable Real Estate Business. Our Leadership Team is Dedicated to helping our Agents reach Their Full Potential through both Professional and Personal Development Training.

Bridgeway Realty Core Mission is Creating Generational Wealth. Not just for our Clients but for our Agents as well.

Bridgeway Realty "Secret Sauce" is our Proprietary Curriculum "Get on F.I.R.E." which allows our Agents the Ability to Create Multiple Strems of Income within our Company.

Our Goal is to Make sure that our Agents do not just sale Real Estate but that they themselves are Homeowners.

Bridgeway Agent Services

  •   Training & Education
  •   Marketing
  •   Agent Service Team
  •   Business Development
  •   Events

Bridgeway Core Values

  •   Teamwork
  •   Mentorship
  •   Leadership
  •   Diversity
  •   Winning Mentality
  •   Growth
  •   Success
  •   Commitment
  •   Partnership
  •   Support
  •   Communication
  •   Trust

Bridgeway Realty, Inc.
Juavette Puliam-Johansen

1261 Locust St Suite 206
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Bridgeway Realty, Inc
1261 Locust St Suite 206
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
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